A beveled edge communicates dimension and luxury. Elevate the impact of your unique stationery design with our classic Square or Round Corner bevels. Or, go ultra-custom with our Designer Cut option – choose from one of our unique shapes or dream up your own. Created by our skilled artisans – we take great pride in the consistency and precision of our beveled edges. Once the shape is determined, consider finishing your beveled piece with one of the following services:

Blind Bevel

A bevel in its purest form – showcasing the elegant simplicity of an angled edge

Layered Bevel

A Bevel that reveals bands of color by layering multiple papers (see more in Pasting)

Bevel With Color

Accent your bevel with any PMS Color or Metallic Color

Bevel With Ombre Color

A gradual progression of one PMS or Metallic color hue to another, or the seamless blending of two or more colors

Bevel with Glitter

Next level brilliance available in gold, silver, copper, iridescent, and more

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