A Stationery Finishing Studio Dedicated to the Art of a Beautiful Edge


Add dimension to your designs with a custom beveled edge.

Our bevels create stunning impact on heavier stock while presenting a delicate air of elegance on thinner papers.

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Foil Gilding

Let your edges shine with the opulence of a gilded finish.

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Edge Coloring

Let your true colors show – accentuate your edges with any PMS color or metallic finish.

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Deckle Edge

Embrace a unique, handmade look with a textured, feathered finish to your edges, adding depth and character to your design

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Duplexing / Pasting

Layer it up to add depth and enhance your design.

Additional layers create thickness (or a pop of color) before applying a Bevel or Edge Color.

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Hand Bordering

Frame your design with a beautiful hand border – single or double, we do envelopes too!

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Dip Dye

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Die Cut

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Additional Services

Hand Assembly, Trimming, Round Cornering

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We understand how important it is that your project is created with special care and attention to detail. Your trust and satisfaction are our priority.